About that Mayweather/McGregor boondoggle...

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Watching the New York Times and Washington Post play Russ Moore is like watching Muhammed Ali slap Jim Brown...

Just listening to retired boxing promoter Bob Arum talking about the upcoming Mayweather/McGregor fight. Explaining why he's no fan, he told a story.

He was introduced to Muhammed Ali by Jim Brown, a fullback for the Cleveland Browns, and Arum went on to work as Ali's promoter. Brown picked fights with every guy he could in the NFL and he never lost one. He was "a great athlete," Arum said.

Brown was planning to leave football, although at the time no one knew it. Ali was living in Europe at the time, and he was training for a fight in London. Brown was also in London shooting The Dirty Dozen. Brown met with his friend, Arum, and asked a favor: "Would you ask Ali to fight me? It would make us a lot of money and I'd like to do it."

Arum said he'd ask. So he called Ali, putting the question to him...

Ali responded, "Listen, bring Brown out to Hyde Park tomorrow morning." (Ali was training there.)

They met in Hyde Park and Ali said to his friend Brown: "Kick me and hit me as hard as you can."

Brown asked, "Are you serious?"

Ali said, "Yes, kick me and hit me as hard as you can wherever you can. Go ahead and do it."

Brown started punching Ali, over and over, but he couldn't land a punch—even on Ali's butt. He punched for a minute or two and never touched him.

Meanwhile Ali was slapping Brown in the face and did it about sixty times.

They stopped and Ali asked Brown, "Now, do you really want to fight me?"

Brown said, "No."

Tim Bayly

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