After sodomy comes bestiality...

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ADDED 02/11/17:

ONE READER WROTE: "While I agree with the basic theological point of your post, and it is important to have the discernment to see the stitches on the fastball in our rapidly decaying culture, I am not sure after reading the article you linked to that the judges were being permissive toward bestiality. It seems to me that the point was that they could not prove the case via physical evidence. Given how many fraudulent convictions have been overturned - including people who were sentenced to death only to be exonerated before the execution - I am certainly sympathetic to that argument. If he didn't rape the animal, then he obviously shouldn't be punished for the crime. He should get psychiatric treatment for confessing to a crime he didn't commit, because if he is not guilty he is clearly mentally ill. And even if he is guilty, that guilt has to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. I think the decision was that the prosecutors didn't prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, not that what he allegedly did was permissible."

I RESPOND: Independently of each other, two wise Christian attorneys saw this action of the Indiana Court of Appeals to be one more "horrible" example of our unelected judges assisting our culture's bondage to sexual perversions. I think we should take Christian attorneys' word for it concerning what this ruling means. Further, one of these attorneys pointed out that the judges who signed on to Judge Sharpnack's opinion were Republican appointees, one given us by Daniels and one by Pence. He then commented, "An unelected judiciary has been a malignant force pushing sexual perversion for decades now. No surprise that the elected county judge doesn't buy the corpus delicti argument." I will only add that it would be almost incredible for any appellate ruling overturning a conviction for bestiality anywhere in our nation, today, NOT to be hard evidence of a growing sympathy for the zoophile perversion caused by our embracing of the adultery, lesbian, and sodomitic perversions.

Indiana Court of Appeals points the way backward to the horrors of Canaan.

A man confessed to having sex with his roommate's dog, but Indiana's Court of Appeals overturned the man's conviction by abusing the legal principle of corpus delicti.

The dog had suffered no visible damage.

Next it will be babies. They can't testify and they show no damage, so we may expect Indiana's Court of Appeals to overturn the conviction of any man who testifies against himself that he raped a baby.

So now, will our famous Reformed celebrities start promoting the zoophile orientation? Will they tell us the Bible nowhere commands same-species sex? Will they begin to publicize the new section for celibate zoophiles on Will Covenant Seminary begin matriculating and providing an M.Div. to those who claim to be "zoophile Christians," but promise they aren't doing it?

If you are angry that I'm asking these questions, you've drunk the Kool-Aid rich and famous Christians are selling you. 

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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