Have nothing to do with Darryl Hart...

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Several years ago, my good and wise brother David told me to have nothing to do with Darryl Hart. Since then, I've pretty much left him alone.

Sadly, I have friends who can't break the habit and one of them just forwarded this deposited by Darryl yesterday on his own blog...

After this warning, I return to having nothing to do with this man. But first, I warn readers they should have nothing to do with him, either. He is destructive of true Christian faith.

Yes, some things he writes are good, but anything good you might get from him you can get much, much better from many others who won't, in the process, lead your soul astray.

As a young woman of some considerable discernment responded, with a dismissive laugh, "he forgets the apostles said 'we must obey God rather than man.'"

* * *

Two days later, I add this comment which is even worse than the one above. Hart may be the only known specimen of Chesterton's observation that Calvinists' trust in reason drives them insane.

D. G. Hart says:

January 13, 2017 at 3:05 pm

Robert, the question wasn’t whether Nero should light up his gardens with Christians. It was whether Nero executed Christians.

That is what God ordained the magistrate to do, right? Just because a believer has a special relationship with God doesn’t let the believer disobey the magistrate’s laws. Christianity is not a license for civil disobedience.

...If a law is unjust or if we must obey God rather than men, then we suffer the consequences of disobedience. That’s what the apostles did. They didn’t form political action committees to overturn Roman laws

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