The financial legacy of Governor Pence's administration...

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In all the years my dear brothers Chris Atkins and Brian Bailey have worked for Governors Daniels and Pence, I've never made it up to the State House to see them. Yesterday was Brian's next to last day as State Budget Director, so he kindly allowed me to visit him and meet the men and women he's worked with. (Brian's leaving civil service to start a solo private legal practice in Bloomington.)

When I entered Brian's office, this chart was propped against a chair, so I asked its significance? Brian said something to the effect that it was his final performance review by the Governor.

Brian introduced me to a number of the men and women he worked with. I said to several of them that I have been very thankful to pay my taxes knowing the money was going to support their work at the State House. This chart tells you...


On July 15, 2013, Brian began his term as Governor Pence's Budget Director. Working under the Governor's OMB Director, Chris Atkins (and this past year, Micah Vincent), these men's civil servanthood left our state's cash reserves in good health at $2,245,000,000 at the end of FY 2016. (The red is when a Democrat was governor.)

All Hoosiers should thank Chris, Brian, and all the men and women (Zac, Deanna, and many others) they worked beside. Also Governor Pence who chose leaders who had integrity and were capable and willing to say "no."

One man I met told me that, around the State House, Brian was known as "Mr. No."

That's the hard work behind this graph.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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