Amanda Nunes beats the excrement out of Ronda Rousey...

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A couple days ago, I posted the headline "Amanda Nunes beats the shit out of Ronda Rousey...". The headline introduced a post in which I unequivocally condemned the 48-second rout of Ronda Rousey by Amanda Nunes in their Las Vegas mixed martial arts fight last week. And being the son of a prophet, I wrote "Undoubtedly you were more offended by the headline of this post than the pic accompanying it, and that's the point."

The accompanying pic was obscene, but no one objected to it. Beyond the pic though, no one thought to say what's wrong with women beating the shit out of each other. Instead, Godly men had a hissy-fit over the use of the word "shit."

The gnat was strained, the camel escaped.

Since no one else bothered to say it, let me do the dirty work...

The reason the picture (and fight itself) were obscene is that woman is made by God to be the life-giver and man is made by God to protect her in that work. Man is responsible to protect the mother of the living and the little ones who are the fruit of her womb. If Adam had done his job, there would be no fights. There would be no Pill, no abortion, and no Plan B. If Adam had done his work protecting Eve, women today would not be ogled by men as they run around naked, punching and kicking each other.

This is what no one said. But there were lots of comments about how profane the word "shit" is and how sinful it was to use it.

So this time I replaced "shit" with "excrement." But you who are so effeminately prissy about the word "shit," please go a little deeper in your thinking and note the reason I used the word "shit." It wasn't for shock value. It wasn't clickbait. It was a serious point which depended upon the crassness of the word "shit" to teach the obscenity of women beating the excrement out of each other. It was an "if this, then how much more this" argument. Sadly, you never got beyond the "if this" part of the argument, and this is what Pharisees do for a living. They are intent on keeping the outside of the cup clean and don't give a shit about what's inside the cup.

I made the point because I remembered Dad making the same point back in August of 1976. In his "Out of My Mind" column in Eternity magazine, Dad wrote:

As is usual in a depraved world, the upsetting element to most people is not the act or thought, but the word. In my opinion, this includes Christians. Seeing the word "f_ _ _ " in print doubtless shocks readers who are relatively unmoved by the allegation that Rep. Wayne Hays (D. Ohio) maintained a young woman as his mistress, and that others in the House and Senate also participated in her destruction. (If the editor has changed a word in this paragraph to "f_ _ _" my point is even more strongly made.)

The reigning obscenity of our nation is that woman is despised.

Tragically, there is no man who loves woman enough to give up his life fighting to defend her.

But this is not to say Christian men are lazy. Not at all: they're zealously teaching their sons that real Christians are known by whether they say "shit" or "poop."

* * *

For those keeping track, this blog has many millions of words going back twelve years. The word "shit" has been used maybe ten or so times over those years. Of those ten occasions, seven were not my use of the word, but someone else using it. The word appeared in song lyrics (eg. Derek Webb), quotes of others, and comments. Other than these two posts on women fighting, I've used the word one other time.

I quoted Erasmus in his "Bondage of the Will" debate with Luther:

"Who will learn anything fruitful from this sort of discussion -– beyond the fact that each leaves the encounter bespattered with the other’s filth?"

Then I commented on Erasmus's words:

So here is Erasmus accusing Luther of running around splattering his opponents with his own... What. Poop? Excrement? Shit?

Isn't it wonderful to observe the great care the Holy Roman Empire's humanist uses in avoiding recriminations?


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