Amanda Nunes beats the shit out of Ronda Rousey...

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The story topped the Google news page this morning. Last night in Sin City, Ronda Rousey was kicked, bashed, and smashed into submission 48 seconds into her mixed martial arts match with Amanda Nunes. No one went to jail for abusing a woman. The cops didn't stop the abuse. A ref stopped it and awarded the perp the match. 

This is the state of the union of man and woman in these United States today. We're a majority Christian nation and we get our jollies watching what's pictured here. Think about it. Undoubtedly you were more offended by the headline of this post than the pic accompanying it, and that's the point.

It is impossible for these perverted women to make so much money doing what they do...

and the news of the result topping the Google news page without a very large part of their audience being confessing Christians. And why would we think differently? What specific doctrine of Scripture has been preached and applied in our worship services that would prohibit this sexual perversion, let alone our following it as our entertainment?

If you watched this fight or find this picture interesting, let alone sensuous, you are one of two things: a pagan who does not know God and His Word or a Christian who does not know God and His Word.

The article mentioned Rousey's called "the baddest woman on the planet." Even badder are the women and men who admire her. But baddest of all are the shepherds who preach in the pulpits of the churches those men and women attend each Lord's Day.

North America now is what happens to a Christian people when they turn away from God and there are no prophets in the land to warn them.

No prophets?

Well, Desiring God thinks it's just wonderful. My son thinks they're drunk—and there we go again. Likely you're more offended at his suggestion they're drunk than their promotion of women beating the shit out of each other.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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