Trump and Clinton: which form of sexual degradation do you hate most...

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You remember how Wayne Grudem recently endorsed Donald Trump, saying he'd been teaching "ethics for 39 years" and Donald Trump was a "morally good choice" for president of these United States.

Now Grudem deleted that endorsement and has called for Trump to withdraw from the race. He apologizes for not looking more carefully at Trump's pattern of sexual debauchery before calling him a "morally good choice." Grudem issues a good apology. He's specific and the apology doesn't end with the word "but."

After apologizing, though, Grudem goes on to make the same case for voting for Trump he made in his earlier post. The only thing missing is his former personal endorsement of Trump the man. So what about Trump the man and Clinton the woman?

No one remembers that Ronald Reagan...

died a divorced Hollywood actor. When he ran for President of these United States, who he was didn't change. When he spoke, if you cared to notice the look in his eyes, it communicated performance. A man who has spent his life acting doesn't stop acting when he becomes a politician or moves into the White House.

Over at American Greatness, Seth Leibsohn reminds us politics is the art of the possible. Living in a fallen world, politics can't rise above compromise. Those who deny it are deluded. Leibsohn helps by shoving our nose into it:

Six years before he ran for president, Mitt Romney ran for Governor of Massachusetts as a pro-choice, pro gay-rights Republican. Four years after his first run at the presidency he was the nominee. And unity in the movement and party was had. When Rudy Giuliani ran for president, many conservatives supported him, despite his also being pro-choice, pro-gay rights, an endorser of Mario Cuomo, and a man with not a few personal “family values” issues. Ultimately, he became a go-to conservative and a hero of the movement.


If you asked me to pull the lever for Romney, Giuliani, or Trump, it would be a tossup. Yes Trump is sexually debauched, but this is news to no one—or shouldn't be. Meanwhile, Bill and Hillary are even worse.

But really, is that all this election is— a referendum on who's more sexually degraded, Hillary or Donald?

Sure, I understand how men can be browbeat into telling their wives they voted for sodomy and abortion instead of lechery and pawing. But speaking for myself, I'm up to here with all the moral posturing of smug hypocrites. Leibsohn has a point. It's time for the first 2,000 names of the telephone book to pick our president.

And following the election, it will be time for every last Christian to admit that the president who was chosen by the first 2,000 names of the telephone book is the president we deserve. Half of those 2,000 choices were made by men and women who are the product of the preachers our itching ears demanded.

The culture doesn't corrupt the church. The church corrupts the culture.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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