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In a comment on another post, Scott Tibbs linked to the Constitution Party's "Castle 2016" page promoting Darrell Castle for president. I went over and here's what Castle says about abortion:

If you believe those tiny people living in their mother’s wombs are “persons” and therefore deserving of life, choose me.

If not, any of the other candidates will do.


Pro-Life Stance

If you’ve ever made a statement that you will never vote for someone who is not pro-life, or who supports abortion, and if you are really serious about that statement, then you only have one choice in this election. I am the only candidate of any party that is 100% pro-life or even close to it.

Unlike Hillary Clinton who recently said, “unborn persons have no constitutional rights”, I know that all “persons” have the right to life and both the 5th and 14th amendments confirm that position. I also know, as does Mrs. Clinton in the deep recesses of her heart, that those waiting in their mother’s womb to be born are in fact persons.

Kinda smacks you up the side of the head, doesn't it? Wake up and smell the roses.

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