Church-house: fourth and last day of precast tilting up...

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Here's a pic of the last precast panel being placed on the south side of the building, today. There's still a gap in the wall, though. That gap is for a smaller crane and semis carrying the steel girders to enter the building. When they're done there won't have to be another two panels delivered and tilted up. They'll be delivered and tilted up today, then tied to two other panels where they'll wait for the steelworkers' crane to slide them into position when they're done their work.

The panels to the right of this larger (235,000 lb.) crane are almost all air, and that's the reason for the crossbars shot laterally through each panel. Each of those is a piece of concrete with plywood at each end...

All of them will be removed now that they've served their purpose giving strength to the panel during its transport and placement. The holes are all for big windows over the main entrance.

Last night after our session meeting, the elders and pastors went outside to look at the work that had been done so far. It was 8:15 PM and we were surprised to watch as semi after semi entered the work site delivering the panels that were going to be tilted up today. This morning, the crane was placing one of those panels and I noticed a small hole that looked like a mistake down at ground level.

Mike Boles is the brother in our congregation who builds our church-house, so I asked him what the deal was with the small hole? He said it was a door next to another door, and the narrow door was for the Baptists in our congregation who have chosen the straight and narrow path that leads to Heaven. The larger door, he said, was for Presbyterians like me. I asked him if he'd be a good Baptist and go stand in the Baptist door so I could take a pic of him, and he kindly obliged.

Yeah, you can't make out his face, but Baptists are naturally self-effacing. Self-deprecating. Self-abnegating. Meek and humble. In other words, it's as Mike wanted it.

When the building's done, come and see which door you fit through.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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