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Evangelicalism has been gutted. The core has has been scooped out and little more than a thin shell remains. Churches are clubs, sermons are stand up, and the sheep are fed with the sawdust of entertainment. No wonder most Christians can’t define or defend basic doctrines of Scripture. Like the rest of the West, the church is amusing herself to death. 

The Reformed answer usually comes in the form of a toothless scholasticism. We find a way to do nothing that requires faith. Instead, we rest complacently within the technical confines of our confessions. In other words, we snore to Bach rather than Lady Gaga. 

This isn’t the faith of Calvin, Ryle, and Hodge. These men demonstrated that a mind possessed by the glories of biblical doctrines leads to a life of faith and holiness. Harry Blamires says, “The Christian mind is the prerequisite of Christian thinking, and Christian thinking is the prerequisite for Christian action.”

In just a few weeks, Dr. David Talcott, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at The King's College, will tackle how the church got here and what we can do to return to a Biblical way of thinking. We'd like to invite you to attend The Christian Mind conference at Trinity Presbytery Church in Spartanburg, SC on August 19 & 20. Then, in a Friday night concert, My Soul Among Lions will demonstrate the power the Psalms possess to shape the Christian mind. Both the conference and the concert are free. 

Here's a rundown of the sessions, followed by a link for more information and registration...

Session 1: The Postmodern Mind

During the last few centuries, western culture has reached an advanced stage of scoliosis. The Modern Era has given birth to Postmodernity, an intellectual and artistic movement which rejects the very possibility of truth and knowledge. In this session we’ll see how this happened and what it looks like today.

Session 2: The Christian Mind

Christianity stands apart not only from Postmodernity, but also modernity itself. The problems of Postmodernity can only be resolved by a return to a Christian, pre-Enlightment world-and-life view. On this view, we can see how knowledge can be possible and life can be meaningful.

Men’s Breakout: Discourse in the Public Square

The opposition between the church and an increasingly confused and rebellious culture raises profound questions. How should Christians speak and live in a hostile culture? Is there a way to live that is both loving and truthful? How can we be faithful and peaceful in a culture that presses against God’s truth? What Biblical teaching and models do we have that show us God’s direction for our public lives today? What models from the history of the Church can direct us?

Women’s Breakout: Nurturing the Culture of a Christian Home (Anna Talcott)

As the roles of daughter, wife, and mother become increasingly marginalized in society today, how do we as Christian women view ourselves? Instead of thinking that our primary contribution to society is only important when it is outside our homes, we need to realize that culture shaping begins in the home, with women who fear God and want to bring Him glory in their primary sphere of influence.

Session 3: Training Children to Think

Most Christian college students have bought into some form of postmodernity. The way they live and think is often functionally atheist. Christian parents must recognize their awesome responsibility to raise their children in the nurture and admonition of the LORD. Most children are not mature by the time they reach college, and the results are disastrous.

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We hope you'll join us!

Tim Bayly

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