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About a month ago Clearnote Fellowship quietly launched a new ministry called Warhorn Media. It’s our attempt to pull together a bunch of stuff we’ve been doing over the past several years all under one roof—specifically, our forays into publishing, music, and now podcasting (if you like classic lit like Pride & Prejudice, etc., The Bookening might be for you #DOUGWILSON).

Much of the written content at WarhornMedia.com is a spinoff of our little magazine, The Warhorn, which we know many Baylyblog readers have enjoyed and looked forward to. While we readily admit there’s been more looking forward than there’s been enjoying, if you haven't been getting it, you've been missing out. Get a free subscription here.

Although The Warhorn Mag is still alive and well, our efforts for the time being have been focused on pulling together our online presence…which we have done. Very well. In fact, we've become rather well-known among male TV lovers between the ages of 25 and 34.

You see...

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We’ve sort of been through the wringer recently over an article by one Nathan Alberson. Baylyblog readers probably won’t find anything unusual about it—it’s just pointing out the obvious fact that men are not women and women aren't men. Except for the part where it takes aim at some of the most beloved idols of our culture—our gods, our superheroes. Literally, superheroes. Or, rather, superheroines. And Star Wars.

Nathan's "An Open Letter to Rey from Star Wars" has gone viral and has been viewed more than 100,000 times. Go see why. And then, if you have the inclination, give ol’ Nathan a hug for sticking his neck out far enough for the world to want to slice through his “mansplaining neckbeard” while managing to unironically accuse him of being the equivalent of an ISIS terrorist.

Then after you're done reading Nathan's article, stick around and browse the other stuff we’ve been working on—the articles, the books, the music, and the podcast. And then bookmark it and come back to it later. Or follow us on Twitter or Facebook to stay in the loop.

Jake Mentzel

Jake has served as a pastor at Clearnote Church since 2010. He also teaches systematics at Clearnote Pastors College and Athanasius College. In his spare time, he leads Warhorn Media.

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