Sympathy for the Trumpster-divers...

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The soulless creatures who have been the enforcers of the closing of the American mind for decades, now, all contracted the plague during their mandatory four-year service to the Academy we euphemistically refer to as "getting the college degree." If someone escapes the Academy with their thinking still free and their speaking truthful, the media can be trusted to finish the Academy's work.

When NPR needs someone to comment on the darkness of darkness above the Arctic Circle, it has to be a PhD. But when NPR needs someone to comment on the higher suicide rate among single men who are childless, it has to be a PhD then, too.

Even when NPR needs someone to explain why the Stupid Class is coming out in droves for Donald Trump, they'll get a PhD to do the explaining.

No kidding: even if NPR needs someone to explain...

how members of the Stupid Class feel when they wake up each morning knowing they'll spend their day being dissed by the Chattering Class, NPR won't let anyone from the Stupid Class explain his own feelings. A member of the Chattering Class will explain the Stupid Class's feelings when they get disrespected by the Chattering Class.

Since the process of getting a PhD has little to do with truth and almost everything to do with indoctrination, PhDs can't help themselves. They spent four, and then another seven, years being taught to hate everything about the Working Stiff. Working Stiffs don't have human feelings. Working Stiffs are not properly considered a part of true humanity, and thus they're the object of no one's humanitarianism. Working Stiffs beat their wives. Working Stiffs hunt animals. Working Stiffs spend their weekends tearing up delicate tundra in their 4x4s. 

Educationists consider themselves enlightened and take pride in working for the inclusion of all colors and creeds—all of them except Working Stiffs. Even when Islamic militants have been sprinkled with the holy water of liberals' affirmative action, working stiffs remain outside looking in.

The Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton morality play being watched around the world is never explained this way, but it's class warfare between the Academy's Chattering Class and Working Stiffs. The Chattering Class hates all things free and honest and firm. They hate breeders. They hate femininity. They hate babies—especially poor babies. But finally, they hate God the Father Almighty from Whom all fatherhood gets its name. They hate sons who do the work their fathers did before them. They hate tears and sweat and the milk of human compassion. They hate love and those who feel and do it.

Hillary Clinton is the Chattering Class's officious nanny. She has not one original thought on her brain and every last thing she says sounds as if it was a true-false question on an exam being given to students who flunked out of the School of Education's ELED track and now are being trained to be school psychologists and women's softball coaches:

TRUE OR FALSE: Lesbianism is a kinder, gentler sexuality.

TRUE OR FALSE: Working stiffs are racists.

TRUE OR FALSE: Gay men are more monogamous than breeders.

TRUE OR FALSE: Working stiffs smoke cigarettes.

TRUE OR FALSE: Christian women spend their lives barefoot and pregnant.

TRUE OR FALSE: Working stiffs hate Mexicans.

TRUE OR FALSE: Private schools are illegal in California, Oregon, and Europe.

TRUE OR FALSE: Working stiffs beat their wifes.

TRUE OR FALSE: If elected president, Hillary Clinton will raise public school teachers' pay.

TRUE OR FALSE: Working stiffs love Donald Trump.

These thoughts prompted by this piece from The Guardian linked by "Hobbit" under another post, here. Nothing I've read does a better job explaining Trump's popularity and my sympathies for the Trumpster-divers.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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