Kenyans to President Obama: don't pollute our country with your moral filth...

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God bless sub-Saharan Africa where children are loved and God is feared. And this despite Melinda and Bill Gates' desperate attempts to get "those people" to stop having children—a campaign now a couple billion dollars richer through the recent gift of Warren Buffoon. If we're talking North American gods, Huck Finn got it right: "Hain’t we got all the fools in town on our side? And ain’t that a big enough majority in any town?”

By God's grace, Kenyans want none of it and are warning President Obama to keep his moral filth to himself while he's in their nation. Here are some quotes...

We are telling Mr. Obama when he comes to Kenya this month and he tries to bring the abortion agenda, the gay agenda, we shall tell him to shut up and go home.  - Irungu Kangata, lawmaker in President Kenyatta’s The National Alliance party

Anybody who tries to come and preach to this country that they should allow homosexuality, I think he’s totally lost.  - Jamleck Kamau, lawmaker in The National Alliance party

Liberal thoughts are being entertained in some countries under the guise of human rights. We must be vigilant and guard against it. We must lead an upright society and not allow obnoxious behavior as we have a responsibility to protect our children.  - Justin Muturi, the speaker of the National Assembly

[Allowing homosexual marriage would open] floodgates of evil synonymous with the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah.  - Rose Mitaru, Kenyan lawmaker

[Homosexuality is] against the plan of God. God did not create man and woman so that men would marry men and women marry women. Those who want to engage in those businesses, they can do it in their countries, and they can do it wherever it is they want. In Kenya, we will stand firm. ...We believe in God.  - William Ruto, Deputy President of Kenya

Those people who have already ruined their society…let them not become our teachers to tell us where to go.  - Kenyan Cardinal John Njue, Archbishop of Nairobi

On behalf of President Obama, White House press secretary Josh Earnest responded:

I’m confident the president will not hesitate to make clear that the protection of basic universal human rights in Kenya is also a priority and consistent with the values that we hold dear here in the United States of America,”  - Josh Earnest, White House press secretary

Yes, yes; the protection of "basic human rights."

This is how we stand in solidarity with gay men.

This is how we stand in solidarity with men who copulate with sheep and antelope, men who can't remember a time when they have not been turned on by animals instead of women. Such men ought never to be judged on the basis of whom they love. They are merely exercising "basic human rights."

And if you, precious postmodern Christian, think the comparison is rude or unfair or insensitive, it's not. If the comparison angers you, it's because you have drunk North America's Kool-Aid and been robbed of the ability to think Biblically. When women and men who claim the Name of Christ simper and coo over the gay men or women in their church who live together celibately, respond by simpering and cooing yourself about the animal-lovers in your church who live in the barn celibately. Show the moral equivalency of sodomy and bestiality.

If they ask you what you mean by "animal-loving," explain that zoophilia is sodomy with one small change: sodomites reject the sex God ordained while zoophiles reject the species He ordained. Both are extreme perversions. Both are abominations in the sight of God. Both are violations of God's Created Order established prior to the Fall in the Garden of Eden. Both are rebellion against God's command to all men everywhere and always.

African Christians live close to the land. They're not agrarians—they're just poor. And so they understand these things. But will they stand?

The good bishop gives the right warning:

It is important for us as Kenyans to know that the U.S. is not God.  - Evangelical Bishop Mark Kariuki

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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