Letter to Governor Mike Pence of Indiana...

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This is a letter I wrote last Thursday, and sent to Governor Pence, just after he signed the "fix" to the RFRA law. Let us pray for our rulers, as God commands us.

Dear Governor Pence,

I'm so sorry to see you capitulate to the lies and bullying of wicked men. None of your actions as governor have made clearer who you really are than your calling for and signing this new "clarification" to the RFRA bill.

What you've done is simply confirm to the wicked that they can shout loud enough and bully hard enough and they will get their way. You made it even harder for the next governor to pass just and righteous laws. You've demoralized those who care about freedom. You've thrown the majority who believe in liberty under the bus. What you've done is lost my confidence, not to mention my vote.

What we need is men in office who are willing to do what is right even when it's hard. Up until now I had a hope that was you.


Rev. Joseph Bayly

Joseph and his wife, Heidi, have five children, Tate, Eliza Jane, Moses, Fiona and Annabel. He graduated from Vanderbilt University and Clearnote Pastors College. He is currently planting Christ Church in Cincinnati with several other families.