A good Reformed church in Indianapolis: Clearnote Church, Indianapolis is particularized...

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Yesterday evening we celebrated the particularization service of Clearnote Church, Indianapolis. What's a particularization service?

It's the worship service in which an immature church formerly dependent upon other churches' elders for direction and shepherding ordains and installs her own elders, and becomes emancipated. It's the service in which a church planting mission stops being a mission and becomes a full church.

Last night we had the joy of sitting under the preaching of God's Word (Jude 1-3) by my brother, David, who drove down from Toledo with three men from Christ the Word's Reformed Evangelical Pastors College (Nathan Bayly, Jordan Daugherty, and Jonathan Rethorn. Then we witnessed the public vows, the laying on of hands, praying, ordaining, and installing three men who had been examined, approved, and confirmed by vote of the congregation for the office of ruling elder—Dan George, Abram Hess, and Daniel Meyer; along with one man who had been examined, approved, and confirmed by vote of the congregation for the office of deacon—Luis Carrillo. The picture is of the ordination of the elders.

Following the ordination and installation of the elders and deacon, Joseph Bayly and David Abu-Sara were...

installed as the new church's pastors. (Formerly they served as "Evangelists.")

So you see, last night was a night of thanksgiving and joy. We are thankful for God's wonderful work in Indianapolis, giving life to Clearnote Church, Indianapolis and making her a part of His building His Church and Kingdom. We are also thankful for our dear brothers, Pastor Jim Strietelmeier and the officers of Neighborhood Fellowship Church, who helped us in the examination of Clearnote Indy's officers; and then, last night, allowed us the use of their church-house for the service and pulled pork feast afterwards. We are also thankful for Pastor Nate Harlan and Elder Tim Bushong from Trinity Evangelical Church (CREC) of Larwill, Indiana—just outside Ft. Wayne—who, along with their wives and the Harlan children, drove five hours, yesterday, to join us in the worship service and feast.

We wish all of you could have been with us.

So, if you're looking for a PCA (Presbyterian Church in America) in Indianapolis; or, for that matter, OPC (Orthodox Presbyterian Church) or RP (Reformed Presbyterian) churches in Indianapolis, we invite you to Clearnote Church, Indianapolis, which meets just inside the Beltway (I-465) on the northwest side.

These are good Reformed churches holding to the Westminster Standards under the absolute authority of God's Word, the Bible. Don't settle for hip or antiquarian Reformed churches when you can raise your children under preaching that convicts, Sacraments that make the distinction between God's Covenant people and the world very clear, and loving weekly fellowship in homes where children are welcome.


Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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