The global warning of Wheaton and Calvin biologists...

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Here's a letter to Congress signed by a bunch of Evangelical academics who are on the global warning bandwagon and tell us the salvation of Gaia is at stake. Starting with the overpopulation mania of the seventies, I've noted Calamity Jane fads and Christian author fads have about the same half-life—ten years.

Some time ago in Madison, Wisconsin, I used to protest the genocide of over a billion infants with one of the guys who signed this letter, but now he's climbed a couple socioeconomic brackets and is protesting anthropogenic global warming. It might help to explain his new commitments that he's since moved from Madison to Wheaton where he teaches biology.

Which brings me to a couple observations. First, note how many of the signatories are from Wheaton and Calvin where profs live in mortal dread of appearing insufficiently progressive. They should get out more. 

Second, note that only five (2.6%) of these guys have the terminal degree in Atmospheric Science, Climatology, or Meteorology...

Which is to say listening to their global warning is like listening to Justin Bieber, Johnny Depp, or Kim Kardashian talk about concussions in the NFL.

Finally, note the letter is served on the web site of Jim Wallis who, while claiming to be a Christian, receives funding from that evil rich man George Soros. Birds of a feather.

Tim Bayly

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