Democrats won because they confessed their faith...

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This could have been written by a Clearnote pastor--Jake Mentzel, Lucas Weeks, Dave Abu Sara, Joseph Bayly, Jody Killingsworth, David Baker, or Paul Belcher. It could have been Scott Killy or Jason Wiltse. It could have been Andrew Dionne or Andy Halsey. Actually, it was Peter Leithart's former assistant, Toby Sumpter. Read it. Here's a teaser:

So here’s the point of this post: I have a hard time even caring about this election, though I see friends terribly disappointed, others shocked, many dismayed, and perhaps a few cheering and excited. But here’s one thought: the American Church for the most part is full pastors and people who in the name of grace and peace and mercy and love are mostly lisping pansies. I know because I’ve been one of them. I’d rather not fight. I’d rather not say offensive things. I’d rather be liked, be friends, be nice. It’s easier that way. It’s easier not to care. But Jesus was a trouble maker.

I’m no Republican by any stretch, and I don’t think the Church is or ought to become synonymous with any political party. But in the providence of God, I do think that the Republican Party represents the American Church quite well. It’s full of smarmy, luke warm, tentative, flip-flopping, spineless do-gooders. Mitt got the nomination because he represented us well, as embarrassing as it is.

The reason Obama and the Democrats had such a great showing is...

because they actually stood for something. Instead of a bunch of throat clearing and apologizing and footnoting and clarifying, they spoke clearly and loudly into the microphone. They stood for gay marriage, they stood for abortion on demand, they stood for socialized medicine, they stood for stealing from the rich, they even (momentarily) said they didn’t believe in God. Mitt stood for well, I mean, not quite like that, exactly, but sort of, except better, and not so much of the bad stuff.

At least Democrats have balls.

Which incidentally is why so many kids grow up and leave the Church...

(Thanks to Charles C.)

Tim Bayly

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