After ClearNote conference, send your chilluns on a river trip...

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This announcement just went out to our church family from our daughter, Heather Ummel. I've regularly recommended Al and Amy Parker's work of outdoor discipleship, Canoe Creation, to readers of Baylyblog. You'd not go wrong using them for your Christian school, home school co-op, church youth group, father-daughter or father-son church canoe trip, or taking part in Canoe Creation summer camps.

Here is something that may be more convenient for you since the date and location have already been set. Think about it and let Heather know if you're interested. (TB)

Canoe Creation Summer Camp

Some of our church family will remember Al and Amy Parker, who lived in Bloomington and attended church with many of us years ago. If you were reading my dad's blog this summer in mid-July you would have seen pictures of a camp experience our boys had with their ministry, Canoe Creation. The wonderful news is that they're going to bring their camp to us this summer! They will be offering a 3-day, 2-night canoe camp right after this summer's ClearNote Conference (I Believe in God the Father). The conference will be Friday and Saturday, July 6 -7 here in Bloomington. Then worship with ClearNote Church, Bloomington Sunday, July 8, followed by you and your wife taking a couple days R&R while your chilluns are off on the water with Canoe Creations...

When: July 9-11

Where: Bloomington area, camping on a river or lake somewhere Who: Any 8-12 year-olds (older welcome as well, and there can be exceptions made for younger in some situations)

Why: For incredible fun and excellent teaching from a naturalist that loves the Lord (more about the Parkers in another blog post of my dad's)

I'm very excited about this, as our boys absolutely loved their time at camp last summer. It's not every kid that has the experience of hearing a man call an owl and have the owl fly around overhead trying to find him.

What would be helpful right now would be to know what kind of interest there is among our church. The price can't be decided until more details are hammered out, but it will likely be in the neighborhood of $200. They try to keep their costs as low as possible, and the more kids that sign up, the lower the cost will be. Please send me an e-mail to let me know if this sounds like something you will be considering for your kid/s. We will be sending out more information as more decisions are made.