Nations must face the blood shed by their fathers...

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He said, “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood is crying to Me from the ground." (Genesis 4:10)

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao has taken the first step towards doing for the Cult of Mao what Kruschev did for the Cult of Stalin: he's publicly spoken of the terrible suffering of his own family at the hands of the Red Guards during Mao's Cultural Revolution. Melinda Liu reports: 

The Cultural Revolution remains a neuralgic political topic because it reflects poorly on Mao, who presided over that decade but is revered by many Chinese as their nation’s “Great Helmsman.” During that decade, youthful Red Guard radicals rampaged through the country, sowing violence and terror.... Even today, the government wiggles around Mao’s responsibility for the Cultural Revolution with an ambiguous formula that declares his achievements to have been “70 percent good, 30 percent bad.”

It's about time one of China's premiers officially acknowledges Mao's riot of blood. Chinese ignorance or silence concerning the over fifty million souls who were slaughtered by Chairman Mao is complicity in that slaughter and the perfect seedbed for more slaughter to come.

Christians who know and love Chinese must speak with our Chinese friends about Mao's slaughter as often as we speak with our American friends of the slaughter of the unborn. Jews aren't bashful...

about reminding us of their five or so million who died during the Third Reich. We have Holocaust memorials and museums everywhere and any man who dares to criticize Israel is said to have committed that crime against humanity called "anti-Semitism."

But who speaks of the hundred million or more this past century who fell at the hands of the utopian intellectuals who hated God and pursued social justice? And even Reformed pastors and elders don't open their mouths about the billion victims feminism and male sexual licence have given us at the hands of murderers hired by Planned Parenthood and its partners in crime around the world.

The world today is built over the top of an ocean of blood shed by the Führer and Uncle Joe and Chairman Mao and SCOTUS and Teddy Kennedy's "personally opposed" colleagues. Every last drop of that blood cries out to our Heavenly Father for justice and One Day very soon, now, He will use His rod of iron to wreak justice for all His little ones we have despised and forgotten.

He has not forgotten one of them.