God's goodness: Micaiah David Bayly born 9/13/2011

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Cheryl and I thank God for the birth of Micaiah David to our son Nathan and daughter-in-law Aleaha Bayly. Micaiah was born September 13, weighing 6 pounds, 12 ounces. He's precious: bright-eyed, happy, strong--the spitting image of his father as a baby.

As we've richly enjoyed God's gift of our first grandchild we are increasingly aware that this gift is based on His prior gift of Aleaha to our family through Nathan. And to think that just two years ago I was urging Nate to go to Lausanne for a year because I thought him too young to marry that girl he was dating in college....

We have so very much to praise God for at our Thanksgiving feast this year. His faithfulness surrounds us on every side. From Micaiah to Aleaha, to Nate's service in our church, to the impending departure of Elizabeth to serve in an orphanage in Peru to Ben's leadership at school to Tessa's deepening thoughtfulness to Isaiah's interest in the Word, and to Mud's happiness in recent days despite the effects of Alzheimers, we are surrounded by reasons to praise God. (DB)