Mt. Rainier...

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MaryLeeMtRainerMary Lee and I flew into Seattle, yesterday, and on our way down to Vancouver, WA, we stopped at Mt. Rainier National Park. We drove up to Paradise which is above the tree line, then hiked up a couple trails, starting with the Alta Vista Trail where this pic was taken.

It was a beautiful Fall day with bright sunshine. We didn't see or hear any elk herds. Glacier National Park was much better for that. But what majesty, telling atheists and Christians alike of God's great glory!

When we got to Paradise two fox--one red and one black--were hanging with one huge raven. They were all begging.

The were twenty or so cross-country skiers coming off the mountain when we started up the trail. The sun set while we were up on the mountain. When we got back to the car almost eveyone was gone. (TB)