The blessing of Roger Nicole and his lectures on the authority of Scripture...

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This past year, my dear friend and father-in-the-faith Dr. Roger Nicole went to be with the Lord. Other than family members, there are only a couple birthdays recorded each year on my calendar, but one of them has been Dr. Nicole's. His teaching at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary was in a category far beyond any professor I've sat under before or since (and I've had some superb profs).

I'll never forget Dr. Nicole's lectures in Systematics I on the doctrine of Scripture. One day he began by asking our class a series of questions probing our knowledge of the book of Psalms...

"Please raise your hand if you are familiar with Psalm 23? What about Psalm 1? Psalm 119? Psalm 51? Psalm 150? Psalm 73?"

Moving from the best-known to the lesser-known Psalms, each time fewer and fewer hands went up.

Finally he asked "Psalm 82?" and there wasn't one hand raised.

Dr. Nicole then began his lecture with the statement, "Yet it was an obscure phrase in this very obscure Psalm our Lord quoted as his only defense when his life hung in the balance. What knowledge and trust our Lord had in the Word of God!"

At the same time I was reading John Wenham's wonderful little work, Christ and the Bible.

Since then, I've never been tempted to doubt the plenary verbal inspiration of Scripture. May God give you love and complete trust in His Word, also. What a blessing it's been to me!