Murder-mongerers' next line of attack...

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(Tim: concerning the legislation being proposed in the Washington State Legislature, an attorney friend writes...) I took a quick look at the proposed legislation in Washington. It's much worse than (what's being proposed) in New York. For one, the liability extends to any violation of the bill. In New York, the private right of action was limited to violations of the confidentiality provisions. It appears that this form of legislation is the new weapon of the Enemy. The legislation is getting traction because it paints pro life pregnancy centers as manipulative and deceptive - manipulative because they supposedly coerce women to take action during a vulnerable time in their life and deceptive because the centers purportedly cast the appearance of being medical facilities. 

Of course, this is a classic case of a round peg solution for a square hole problem, if there is even a problem. First of all, what is wrong with a center attempting to persuade a woman not to have an abortion, particularly a woman that voluntarily entered the center? Should we then enact laws that prevent pastors from preaching against abortion because there may be parishioners in the congregation that are pregnant and vulnerable to manipulation?

You can see where this is headed. If the argument is that women put their trust in the people at the clinic under the mistaken belief that such people are medical personnel, then there is an easy answer:  prosecute the clinics that are practicing medicine without a license. There are laws in every state, I'm sure, that prevent people from masquerading as licensed medical professionals. There is already a solution on the books. As such, the legislation is not really about addressing the perceived ills of pro-life pregnancy centers (manipulation and deception), but about taking a step toward shutting down such centers.