"Digesting sin without bitterness..."

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(Tim) Over at ClearNote Blog, Jake Mentzel posted an introduction and has been putting up paraphrased excerpts from John Owen's Mortification (The Killing) of Sin in Believers. If you refuse to forgive others, look longingly at men's or women's bodies, wish you had your neighbor's Kubota, are prayerless, comfort yourself with ice cream, numb yourself with alcohol, bale hay during worship, and are bitter against God, this book's for you...

Buy it, read it (Kindle), and mark it all up. Five pages at a time is about right. Few books are as helpful in pursuing holiness or the sanctification without which no man will see God.

From time to time, I'll post my own paraphrased excerpts. Here's the first:

The root of an

unmortified habit is the digestion of sin without bitterness in the


When a man fools himself to such a degree that he thinks he possesses grace and mercy, while at the same time having no problem swallowing and digesting daily sins without bitterness, that man is at the very brink of turning the grace of

God into lasciviousness, and being hardened by the deceitfulness of sin. In all the world, there  is no greater evidence of a false and rotten heart than living in this way.

To use the blood of Christ which is

given to cleanse us (1John 1:7, Titus 2:14); the exaltation of

Christ which is to give us repentance (Acts 5:31); the doctrine


grace which teaches us to deny all ungodliness, (Titus 2:11,12) in order to live comfortably in sin, is a rebellion that in the end will break the bones. Most of those in our own time who have called themselves Christians and later denied the Faith walked out through this door.

For a while they were under conviction of sin, which in turn spurred them on in spiritual duties and led them to claim faith in Jesus Christ; and so they "escaped the pollutions that are in the world,

through the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ," (2Peter 2:20): but having

gotten some familiarity with the doctrine of the Gospel, and being weary of

duty that was not carried out by the power of the Holy Spirit, they began to grow callous in neglecting the doctrine of grace. And when these

evils had them firmly in their grasp, they speedily tumbled into perdition. (John Owen, The Mortification of Sin in Believers, Chapter 2)

For extra credit, without looking at a dictionary define 'lasciviousness.'