The abuse of a thing does not negate its proper use...

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(Tim, w/thanks to Kamilla) A bunch of self-affirming feminists who claim to be Christians met in Orlando, Florida recently, and issued a letter accompanying a set of demands. These women are convinced that God and the plain commands contained in His Word have produced wife abuse. As they see it, the faithful proclamation of God's Order of Creation--Adam first, then Eve--is responsible for many of the bad things that ever happened to women. 

Of course, they'd deny the above accurately reflects their letter and demands, but read it for yourself and see their hatred for the Word of God's commands. This is not to say terrible grievances against women don't inundate us, today. Regularly in my work, I cry for the suffering of the weaker sex at the hands of men.

There's no question husband's have murdered their wives. But think about it: there's also no question mothers have murdered their sons and daughters. And just as the command that children submit to their mothers isn't to be thrown out because it subjugates children to abusive and murderous mothers, so the command that wives submit to their husbands is not to be thrown out because it subjugates wives to abusive and murderous husbands.

Rather, the solution is...

to call mothers to love their children and husbands to love their wives.

Which I think Scripture does, if I'm remembering correctly?

And not to pile on, but the letter and set of demands is a good hint about why Scripture forbids woman to teach or exercise authority over man. These women should be silent other than to confess their own sins and ask their shepherds to pray and counsel them against bitterness, and toward forgiveness.

Finally, we must keep in mind these women are not simply victims, but rebels seeking to grow their mutiny, and that is wicked.