Christian environmentalists and the "degeneration" of maleness...

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(Tim, w/thanks to several readers) The Y chromosome is what makes a man a man, genetically. But geneticists tell us the Y chromosome is in trouble. Apparently, this genetic diversity we call "manhood" has lately been suffering "deterioration," "mutations," "deletions," "anomalies," and "degeneration." And how!

Blame the feminists, is what I say. Joke.

According to the scientists, men are in danger of "disappearance" but not yet "obsolete." They go on to reassure us evolution's top priority is reproduction. Gaia decrees sperm must survive. Then this priceless quote:

...Geneticists and evolutionary biologists determined that the Y

chromosome's deterioration is due to accumulated mutations, deletions

and anomalies...

More gooduns:

But ...researchers say there is a dramatic loss of genes from the human Y chromosome that eventually could lead to its complete

disappearance... (T)he Y chromosome's

degeneration has been known to geneticists and evolutionary biologists

for decades... (and) as

the degeneration continues, the Y chromosome could disappear from our genetic repertoire entirely.

As "the degeneration (of maleness) continues." Honest, that's what they said.

...Although geneticists and evolutionary biologists agree that the Y

chromosome is degenerating ...they reject the idea of a world far in the future where

men are obsolete.

"The evidence from studies on natural deletions of [genes on] the human

Y chromosome shows there are consequences, especially for sperm production, that implies very strong natural selection against the loss of genes on the human Y chromosome."

Natural selection is doing it all, they say. But where is God? Has He any vested interest in fatherhood, sonship, and brotherhood continuing, or are they meaningless to the modern man?

The modern person, I meant to say.

So, here we have another environmental catastrophe playing out over the long term, destroying genetic diversity, but this time I'm betting no one's really that concerned. It's not like burning the rain forest or species of spiders and horny toads getting crushed by bulldozers. It's man, and who feels the need to protect him? By definition, isn't he always the oppressor of other species and genetic diversity, and therefore incapable of being oppressed, himself?

But let's forget the issue of genetic sexual diversity, for a minute, and look at its emotional and psychological aspects. Who's been an advocate for the sexual diversity God, our Heavenly Father, created in the male heart and mind? Who's been fighting for the protection of man's unique calling to provide for, and protect woman and child? His unique calling to love woman and child through the hard work of exercising authority?

No, the forms of diversity that greens are concerned to protect certainly do not extend to manhood. Trying to imagine such a thing as a Christian conference on the stewardship of sexual diversity--not gender diversity, mind you--is a howl. It would never happen.

But maybe now that I've pointed out the obvious, Christian environmentalists will take up the cause. Maybe now they'll decry this decline of genetic bifurcation (rather than celebrating it). Maybe papers and book proposals will be submitted outlining the terrible cost we have been paying at the loss of fatherhood, brotherhood, and sonship. Maybe we'll see an environmentalist movement with the goal of restoring to the church pastors and elders who know how to say "no" as well as "yes."

So this week (tongue in cheek), ask your pastor to pray for the protection of the Y chromosome; ask your adult education coordinator for a Sunday school series focussed on the greenness of male and the necessity of Christian stewardship of this treasure?

Then write me and let me know what happens.