Jerram Barrs has done research; he's so brave; he's my man...

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(Tim) It's a great help to have Jerram Barrs continue at his post at Covenant Theological Seminary. But not for the reason you'd think.

Rather, because having him such a prominent voice representing Covenant's commitments and vision gives fair warning what kind of education men and women don't get there...

Likely they'll believe, similar to Mr. Barrs, that the church's problem today is women being treated as third-class citizens. Men, threatened by competent women, trying to make the lives of their wives and mothers and daughters miserable. Women's gifts being wasted by little men scurrying around trying to shore up the walls of patriarchy.

Such terribly original thoughts does Mr. Barrs have?

What world does this man live in? And who taught him how to read his culture? Certainly not the man he claims to speak for, Francis Schaeffer.

But then Franky has claimed to speak for his Dad, too.

Anyhow, if you needed to take the measure of contextualization at Covenant Theological Seminary just now, read this interview in the PCA's byFaith magazine.