Pics and housekeeping...

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(Tim) Some of you saw my mistake earlier this morning, when a picture of David and me was riding roughshod over much of the first page. I could explain how it happened, but who cares? I'm sorry for my mistake.

That said, you'll see that David and I have aged. We're five years older than we were when the last pic was taken by our dear friend, Dr. Bob Forney, and it seemed vain to leave our younger faces and physiques up when what you saw was not what you'd get. So now we're more honest. Please note that David's svelte and I'm not. This is one of the many things I envy him for (but of course, never sinfully).

I want to thank Jessica Major for our new blog photo, as well as this photo of our mother, Mary Lou Bayly. A longtime family friend, Miss Major also took a number of other excellent photos at the most recent Bayly wedding when Miss Hannah Marie Bayly (our fourth of five) and Mr. Lucas Weeks did plight their troths.

On another theme, if you want to communicate with me on any serious subject, would you please send me an e-mail rather than going through Facebook? It's important for me to keep searchable copies of all correspondence, and I prefer to do this in my e-mail program rather than Facebook. My e-mail address is tbbayly at gmail dot com.