Food as fetish...

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(Tim) Food. People today can't make up their minds whether it's erotica or The Meaning of Life. For men whose god is their belly, lust and appetite feed off each other and produce similar neuroses. Computer pornography. Obesity. Hooking up. Anorexia. Abortion. Veganism. Birth control.

Enslaved to our appetites, we'd do well to learn a word almost never heard outside Roman Catholicism: concupiscence.

Here's something true: Christians today turn the marriage bed over to a mutual concupiscence we refer to as "making love." But there's little love, and no making of anyone at all.

True love can't possibly be self-gratification by other means...

True love gives himself, herself, to another. And from the ground there blossoms, red, life that shall endless be.

The ground of Golgotha. The ground of the marriage bed.

Think of it this way.

Marriage is to point to Christ and His Bride. Jesus loved the Church, then commanded Her to be fruitful and multiply. He commanded Her to make disciples. No surprise, then, that when a church turns her back on this command, she implodes. We've all seen it--churches sterile in orthodoxy, decency, and order. But fruitless. Loveless. Godless.

What would happen if the Church again gave herself to being fruitful and multiplying? Both outside and inside the home? Let's say, just for a month or so during Lent we drop our diets and contraceptives and invite the lost into our homes to eat at our tables.

Then, later that night, we know our wife. Really know her.