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(Tim) It's not too hard to get some names of Covenant faculty members likely to have responded to the survey by stating they intend to vote for Senator Obama for President. NB: I wrote "likely."

For instance, here we see the typical twisting of the Word of God that's the stock in trade of feminist ideologues--this one in particular promoting Ephesians 5 as a reciprocity, "mutual submisson" text. The comment was posted a couple months ago by the moderator of faculty meetings at Covenant, Dr. Cliff Foreman, who's here speaking to his president, Niel Nielson:

In your footnote on Ephesians 5:18-21, you neglect to mention that v.21
is also connected to what follows it, in that the verb “submit” is not
repeated in Paul’s exhortation to wives. Thus the command to wives is a
working out of the general command to mutual submission. It also seems
clear that the command to husbands–that they die for their wives–is
presented as a very balanced reciprocation of what Paul has said to the
wives. It, too, is connected, and any paragraph division will distort
that. Those who point this out are not engaged in some sort of feminist
plot, as you imply. They are trying to correct a tradition of
misreading this text as a command to husbands to rule over their
wives–-something Paul does not say. It is commendable to exhort
Christians to read correctly, but often, as in this case, one should
see that when Christians disagree there is truth on both sides of the

If we google Cliff Foreman, we come up with these condecensions he posted here a little while ago. And this statement by one of his former students on the faculty review site,

EXCEEDINGLY LIBERAL!!!! An angry liberal at that -- very knowledgeable
prof. who honestly does have a heart to earnestly seek truth and make
it known. Conservatives should at least give him a chance!

Keep googling the man...

and we find this blog post and comments lamenting Dr. Foreman's on/off removal a year ago as faculty mentor to the Bagpipe, Covenant's student newspaper. One commenter reports the Bagpipe's editor, Emily Belz, will be meeting with President Nielson to talk over the new posture the administration has taken towards the paper. A later post indicates the nature of the tensions.

Also, among those comments, we find Matthew Gillikin lamenting Dr. Foreman's departure from the Bagpipe,
but Mr. Gillikin quite helpfully also provides a time-frame of
controversy on Covenant's campus and this list of profs he considers
Dr. Foreman's soul mates: "Davis, Fikkert, Green, Haddad, Beckman . .
." Also here' another list that might reward a seeker with one or two names to keep Dr. Foreman company: Kapic, Clark, Allen, and Follett.

Speaking personally, I'd consider Matthew Gillikin an excellent
source and hope the Board of Trustees and President
Nielson will consider asking him to expand his list for their

Readers interested in continuing along this line of investigation might check out this archive of articles on Covenant.

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Some readers undoubtedly are concerned that it appears I believe the above names represent those at Covenant who support Senator Obama. Actually, I don't. In fact, I believe some among these names likely had excellent reasons for voting in favor of the faculty meeting not going into executive (closed) session, for instance. It may well be that the most biblical among Covenant's profs had very good reasons for opposing executive session. Still, the issues and names posted here on this blog are a place to start in working towards reform.

And yes, it seems painfully obvious reform is needed.