Bob Woodruff shines...

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(Tim) Apparently, following the opening ceremony of the Olympics last night, in an interview with Bob Woodruff, Senator John Edwards admitted to a truth that the whole world already knew--that he had "made a mistake" attributable to an overdose of "self-focus" with an actress named Rielle Hunter. God have mercy on Senator and Mrs. Edwards, and their loved ones. Also, Ms. Hunter.

There's so much here instructive to followers of our Lord Jesus Christ. Read the article while comparing Senator Edwards' confession (if you can call it that) to David's found in Psalm 51. Of course, the argument can be made that the content of a confession made to God will always differ significantly from a confession made on Nightline, but the themes should at least be congruent...

Then, this gem:

If nothing else, Edwards made it clear to Woodruff, and to us, that
he is not looking for sympathy, which is good because he won't be
getting any. Any points he might have been awarded for not hauling
Elizabeth along to look stoic beside an American flag were deducted by
his self-congratulatory explanation of same. "Elizabeth is not here
because she did nothing wrong," he said when asked, but could he leave
it at that? No, he could not. "I have to be the man, to take

It's a banner day when we read even some itsy-bitsy tiny statement on the nature of manhood today, isn't it?