Evangelical missions leader: "Muslims worship the true God."

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(Tim, thanks to Jeff) Recently we published a short piece by Lucas Weeks critiquing the syncretistic statement signed by a number of prominent evangelicals titled, "A Common Plea." Others have also been critical of the statement and those who signed it, bringing a few (including Wheaton College's president, the Rev. Dr. Duane Litfin) to withdraw their names. When John Piper voiced his own criticism of the statement, he asked his friends to respond.

Unfortunately, Rick Love of Frontiers (an evangelical mission to Muslims) did so, and promptly dug his hole even deeper...

I believe that Muslims worship the true God. But I also believe that

their view of God falls short of His perfections and beauty as

described in the Bible. Thus, I try to model my approach to Muslims

after the apostle Paul who said to the Athenians: “What you worship in

ignorance, this I proclaim to you" (Acts 17:23).

John Calvin, the Westminster Divines, and Jonathan Edwards are part

of a great cloud of witnesses since the Reformation who call the Roman

Catholic papacy the "anti-Christ," but evangelical religionists and

non-mission leaders of today say Muslims worship the true God. No wonder this man has the audacity to

compare himself and the "Common Plea" to the Gospel proclamation of the

Apostle Paul in the Areopagus.

Really, the fact that President Litfin has been pressured to

withdraw his signature is almost meaningless when one stops to consider

he signed it in the first place. If he's properly addressed as the Rev.

Dr. Duane LItfin, is it proper for us to ask him to prove the value of

his titles?

(If the above doesn't leave you sick, read

another justification--this one by Leith Anderson, megachurch CEO and

successor to the NAE throne vacated recently by Ted Haggard.)