Two-volume Jonathan Edwards set for $39...

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(Tim) Despite all the brilliant scholars, today, who show they're in vogue by dissing Edwards for his purported "immediatism" and "populism," my dear friends pay, them no heed. No heed at all.

Rather, put a finger in their eye by ordering Hendrickson's (thanks for the correction, David Gray) two-volume set of Edwards' works at the great price of $40 now being offered by Cumberland Valley Bible Bookstore, a place we like to do business. Drink from the well men like John Piper have been drinking from for many years, now. Apart from a Bible, it's hard imagining any Christian work you could buy that would provide the same bang for the buck. This is spiritual meat for your soul and the souls of your loved ones.

And by the way, the J. C. Ryle set on the Gospels they're also offering is some of the best devotional, expositional reading I've ever done. If you want only one set of commentaries on the Gospels, get this one.