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Pilgrimages to India...

Kamilla called my attention to this piece about the draw that Christendom's children feel to demon worship (not that a lot of Christendom's worship hasn't been, and isn't, demon worship also).

Anyhow, likely one of the larger Hindu temples in the country is a mile or so from the house David and I grew up in near the intersection of Army Trail Road and Route 59 thirty-five miles or so northwest of Chicago. Subscribing to Chesterton's view that a man will have no success understanding a religion's texts until he's learned to read their icons, about ten years ago while visiting Mud, Mary Lee and I went over to the temple and walked the campus examining its idols. The evil was palpable.

It was like touring the Mormons' Temple Square, yet maybe opposite? Both worship the lusts of man, but Mormons paint an image of light with words and pictures and Mitt Romney whereas Hindus paint an image that's pitch-black. Mormons market a good package to seduce the half-Christian hoping to go mad: lots of children, pretty families, Christian words and music, Christian Scriptures (plagiarized), and many wives. Hindus have the fertility thing down, too, but they don't bother to lie. They live in a dark land enslaved to the Evil One so they make a principle of the Evil One and his darkness.

I've never been inside a Mormon or Hindu temple but I can tell you neither of the ones I've walked around has windows. Inside, though, I'm guessing the Mormon temples have lots of...