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Standing in the gap: what does it mean?

Nobody standing in the gap in the wall

Nobody standing in the gap. Nobody rebuilding the wall. But what need? There are no enemies visible (yet).

(By Joseph Bayly, posted by TB) When discussing what is unique about our church, one of the things I often bring up is the concept of "standing in the gap." I'm referring to a biblical analogy of a protective wall around a city. If the wall is broken in a certain place, that is a gap in the wall. In case you are wondering, gaps are not good. In the book of Ezekiel, God uses this analogy and we see three things that faithful men do to "stand in the gap"...

Anyone know a good church in El Paso, Texas?

Here's another to add to our list: Does anyone know a good church in El Paso, Texas?

We're happy to leave it to our readers to decide what "good church" means.

The Church and the family...

Last week, Mary Lee and I joined Pastor Jerid Krulish and his wife, Aria, and the souls of Westminster Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Vancouver, Washington, for their 2013 Annual Heritage Conference. It was a great weekend and we appreciated the kind hospitality of all, but especially Elder Tom Berkompas and his wife, Cindy, and their wonderful chilldren who fed and coffeed us to our heart's content.

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Church recommendation in Baltimore...

Do any of you, dear readers, know of a good church in the Baltimore area for a new Chinese believer? Thanks for any help you may be able to give.

Anyone know a good church in Washington D.C. or Grand Rapids?

We now have a topic titled "Good churches." Adding to our short list as of right now, I've received two inquiries recently it would be helpful to have readers respond to.

First, does anyone know a good church in the Washington D.C. area?

Second, does anyone know a good church in Grand Rapids?

We're happy to leave it to our readers to decide what "good church" means.

Good church in Gainesville, Florida?

Just received this e-mail from a reader and I wonder if other readers have any suggestions for her? Please make them in the comments and she'll keep a watch, there. Thanks.

I recently relocated to Gainesville, FL. There are more churches here than you can shake a stick at. :-) Do you happen to have any resources for finding a good church here?

Good church in the St. Louis area?

A reader writes asking if there's a good non-R2K NAPARC Reformed church in the St. Louis area—preferably one that's not in the liberal wing of the PCA. Any ideas?