April 2016

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Paedocommunion (6): infantile desires are neither discernment nor a confession of faith...

(This is the sixth in a series opposing paedocommunion, a practice started by some Reformed parents a few years ago in which they require their infants and toddlers to participate in the Lord's supper. Here are the firstsecondthirdfourth, and fifth in this series. For more on this subject, see the "Paedocommunion" tag.) 

Previously, we saw that those who have recently begun promoting paedocommunion are divided over the key matter of the proper recipients of the Lord’s Supper. One side we will call "Side A" claims both New Covenant sacraments, baptism and the Lord’s supper, must be administered to newborn babies. Because the child is of genetic descent from a covenant family, he is to be baptized and communed as soon as he is born.

Those we will call "Side B" claim baptism should be administered to the newborn baby, but not the Lord’s supper. In this view, some minimal confession of faith or discernment is required of every participant, so fathers are prohibited from communing their newborn infants.1

Both Side A and Side B say they believe in “paedocommunion,” but this is misleading. “Paedobaptist” has always referred to those who baptize newborns, whereas “paedocommunionist” sometimes refers to those who commune newborns and other times to those who oppose communing newborns.

As we have said before, the Side A paedocommunionist who communes newborns is a whole different breed of cat from the Side B paedocommunionist who refuses to commune newborns...

Gracemen and lawmen...

When we look at Denny Hastert, we see a man we're relieved to hear was the longest-running Speaker of the House. Bumbling, always a smile, self-deprecating; he's a man so he's not Hillary; he's adipose and frumpy so he's not Cruz; there's not a macho bone in his body so he's not The Donald. It's icing on the cake that he's a Wheaton alum, his base is Joliet (Joliet?), and his springboard into politics was the office of a high school wrestling coach. It's all good, right? Very, very good.

So what's the angle?

Some would accuse the man asking that question of being cynical. Those "some" would likely be good church-going citizens whose Christian faith goes as deep as "judge not" and "love always expects the best." These "some" sit under preachers whose sermon every week tells them "you're much worse than you could ever know, but God's grace is much deeper than you could ever imagine" as a way of reassuring them their sin doesn't matter because... Ta-da-da-dum! Jesus did it all! It's all of grace! Just believe the Gospel and everything you've ever done and do still today will never matter. Only one life, 'twill soon be past; only the grace of God will last.

Here's where it gets interesting. The FBI announces they've caught Speaker Hastert in a money laundering scheme. When they question him, he claims his former high school student is extorting him. Who would doubt it? After all, this is frumpy, bumbling, self-deprecating, tubby-cute Speaker Hastert. He'd never lie, but he'd make a great mark for a greedy fraudster. Denny would pay up to avoid public scandal—he's from Joliet and unassuming. He doesn't care about money. He'd let them have whatever they demanded and keep quiet.

But it wasn't Denny's Senior Pastor who decided whether his story of being falsely accused and extorted was true. It was the FBI. And like forensic accountants, FBI men and women don't believe ingenuousness is next to godliness. They think it's sloth and they know if they give in to this weakness, they'll be useless in protecting...

New from My Soul Among Lions...

Speaking of what's going on with Warhorn Media, My Soul Among Lions is back at work creating strong Psalm settings. We're working on the next set of ten (Psalms 11–20), and want to share some of the first fruits of our labors:

If you didn't get in on the Kickstarter campaign for the first album or haven't heard the first ten Psalms we've done, they're available for sale in our Bandcamp store.


About a month ago Clearnote Fellowship quietly launched a new ministry called Warhorn Media. It’s our attempt to pull together a bunch of stuff we’ve been doing over the past several years all under one roof—specifically, our forays into publishing, music, and now podcasting (if you like classic lit like Pride & Prejudice, etc., The Bookening might be for you #DOUGWILSON).

Much of the written content at WarhornMedia.com is a spinoff of our little magazine, The Warhorn, which we know many Baylyblog readers have enjoyed and looked forward to. While we readily admit there’s been more looking forward than there’s been enjoying, if you haven't been getting it, you've been missing out. Get a free subscription here.

Although The Warhorn Mag is still alive and well, our efforts for the time being have been focused on pulling together our online presence…which we have done. Very well. In fact, we've become rather well-known among male TV lovers between the ages of 25 and 34.

You see...

Tweet at Nathan.jpeg

Prince Rogers Nelson: 1958-2016.

Prince ...was able to negotiate God and sex in his subject matter in a way that we had never seen before. Every song was either a prayer or foreplay.  
         - Prince's former hairdresser, Michaela Angela Davis

So far this year, our wicked world has witnessed the death of two of its androgynous gods. First it was Bowie, now Prince.

Here's Prince playing lead on the occasion of his 2004 induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The song is "While My Guitar Gently Weeps":

More recently, Prince claimed conversion to the Seventh Day Adventist faith (but note correction in comment below). Other than that, he and Bowie were birds of a pair sharing a debauched affect, debauched music, debauched coupling...

The world will keen for Prince as it did for Bowie. Religious language will describe their loss. Decadent societies' artists are their gods.

A couple days after future Hall of Fame pitcher, Curt Schilling, was fired by ESPN for his FB post saying men playing dressup as women and demanding entry to the Ladies Room is "pathetic," Prince joins Bowie in the grave...

2005 called. They want their podcast back...

CNB iTunes Artwork.jpgWe're a little behind the times, but we're better late than never, right? Clearnote Church in Bloomington has had it's sermon audio available online at our website for a long time, but today I'm pleased to announce that you can also subscribe to it on iTunes. Here's the link.

We're using Podbean.com to provide the hosting and the RSS feed, and you can check out our Podbean page right here, if that's your thing.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who made this happen! Enjoy!


A father's surprising answer...

[NOTE FROM TB: A dear sister in Christ e-mailed this to my wife and me a couple days ago. We've spent years benefitting from her wisdom privately, so when we were together recently, I asked her to write up some of her wisdom so others could benefit. She declined, but a couple days later she surprised us with this gem. I hope there are more, forthcoming. We're running this piece under the pseudonym "Anonymous" because, while I am resigned to slanders on Baylyblog against the men who write here, the worst bile spewed out on Baylyblog was directed toward a dear woman we love very much. Her post was one of the best, but since it was critical of the abandonment of femininity by women today, it aroused hatred unlike any we've seen before or since. We won't allow any woman to be attacked like that again.]

When my husband and I moved to a new town in 1986, we came with the hope that we would purchase our first home. We had set our budgeted price at $55,000 and began to look at houses. We saw several we liked in the $60-65,000 range, and then I found the home I loved. It was in the neighborhood of our new friends, and it was beyond cute. The asking price was $65000. I called my father and said to him that it seemed that the homes that we would like to buy were about $10K more than we felt we could spend, and that, in fact, we had found a home that we loved for that amount. This was his cue to say that he would give us $10,000, which would have been nothing to him. In fact, I believe that his impulse to do just that must have been very strong, and that it almost certainly took a tremendous amount of self restraint to answer as he did, "Then you will need to find a cheaper house."

wax-1175873_640.jpgThis answer was in sharp contrast to the backdrop of my life.

In kindergarten, I was the only child in my class to have a new box of crayons half way through the year. The crayons were provided by the school, but I didn't like the way they looked by January. So my father found out who supplied the crayons and purchased a box, which he delivered to the kindergarten.

In high school, I remember a day that the choir was to sing, and I had a run in my stockings...

Carl Trueman and the reformed world's TMZ crowd...

Fame, makes a man take things over
Fame, lets him loose, hard to swallow
Fame, puts you there where things are hollow

- David Bowie

You know, I do like Carl Trueman. He's not good on sexuality all the time, but even when he's less than stellar, I feel like I get why he writes as he does. I'd enjoy a good argument with him over in my hometown of Philly where arguments are a delicacy savored by the natives as we dump mustard on our hot pretzels, Cheez Whiz on our cheesesteaks, and oregano on our hoagies.

But enough about food—can you tell it's dinner time?

If you read Dr. Trueman at all, you know he likes to take on the Evangelical Celebrity Show. It's endearing that he reserves his greatest love (which is to say his firmest criticism) for celebrities of his own reformed theological tradition. In his latest post titled "Could Big Eva Face a Trump Moment?", Dr. Trueman uses the moniker "Big Eva" for the reformed world's TMZ crowd... 

Helpful things...

Over the years, some businesses we've used have saved us a ton of money and become trusted friends. Here are a couple:


First, order trees from Arbor Day. They're cheap, and if you take out a $10 membership, along with your order being a third less, you'll get a bunch of free trees. People like to plant older and bigger trees they buy from a nursery and we have some of them, but bare-root plants take hold quickly and almost catch up with nursery trees in a few years. There's no comparison with the cost.


Second, order everything you can from Sierra Trading Post. The company was owned by Christians until they sold the company in December, 2012. You won't find clothes, shoes, boots, tents, sleeping bags, briefcases, down coats and vests, or anything else they sell any cheaper anywhere else. Excellent quality at seconds prices and I've never been able to see why anything I've bought has been labelled a second. We've been buying from them for fifteen or twenty years and we love them. Top brands.


Third, buy salvage title cars and trucks. In our church, we have maybe fifty cars and trucks we've bought from T&T Repairables here just outside Bloomington. They sell all over the world, so you can use them, too—no matter where you live...

Denny Hastert, Evangelical, Wheaton College alum, husband, father...

Wheaton College's Dennis Hastert is the quintessential sodomite predator. Read this article, watch this video, and note all the details—every last one of them if you want to guard your children and the children of your church and school from being corrupted by such a man.


Wheaton College alum.



Note his easy access to young boys.

Note his taking these young men and boys on trips to the Caribbean.

This is precisely what the music director at one of the best-known PCA churches in the country did with the young men he taught and worked with in the church...

His Imperial Highness knows us better than we know ourselves...

Our current emporer seems to think it's his prerogative to crown our next one. News sites are quoting The Obama saying, "Mr. Trump is not succeeding me."

Would someone who knows the man personally kindly inform him it's still "We, the people" who choose our president? Also, that many of us would consider The Donald a massive upgrade over the violations of the rule of law emanating from His Imperial Highness these past eight years? But he should not think this is because we are positive about The Donald. Rather, it's because we are repulsed by him and his fellow Harvard snobsters casting their supercilious glances down on working men who loved Merle Haggard.

Joe Sobran used to say if voting did anything it would be illegal. I wouldn't put it past President Obama to sign the legislation outlawing it, while assuring himself he was only doing what was best for his fellow countrymen. After all, they might abuse their electoral privilege as badly this November as they did eight years ago.

I'm so ready for this man to vacate the White House. So very, very ready. I'll take a loudmouth huckster over a supercilious drone any day.

Hermaphrodites: trotting out the exception to gag the rule...

The primary goal clinching can achieve is to slow down and tie up your opponent to stop his or her momentum. There are times when you need to slow down what your opponent is doing and change the pace more to your liking.  - Clinching, Boxing Tips

In an earlier post opposing an Evangelical ethicist promoting the moral virtue of multiplying sexual identities from two to as many as anyone wants, I spoke of God creating only two sexes. As I wrote the number "two" and quoted Jesus in support of that number, I prepared for the commenter who would trot out hermaphrodites to gag God's two. It always happens. Sometimes, the reader knows he's opposing God's two; other times, he thinks he's helping Him.

Sure enough, as soon as I'd written "two," a reader trotted out hermaphroditism...