Warhorn Media: What if your husband isn't your best friend?

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(By Michal Crum) It’s all the rage to name your spouse as your best friend. No anniversary Facebook post is complete without the words “and he’s my best friend in the world!” But what if your husband just plain isn’t your best friend? A friend of mine asked me recently, “Is that okay?”

In the past six months, I’ve seen a small backlash against the idea of “spouse as best friend.” But it doesn’t begin to stem the tide. According to my Facebook feed, this world is chock-full of women blissfully wedded to their BFFs. Perhaps the claims will make it true, but what I see in real life doesn’t quite match up. So why is everyone claiming their spouse is their very best friend?

I think it’s just shorthand for “We’re married. And we’re glad we’re married"...

We all jump into marriage expecting that our spouse will meet some kind of emotional need in us. Usually, our expectations are unrealistic. Often, they are dashed upon the cliffs of reality. And it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something wrong with our marriage. The real problem is our expectations.

When I got married, I had this hare-brained idea that I would never be lonely again. After all, my husband would be my constant companion, my lover, my everything. And then, he wasn’t. If I can be perfectly honest, he was very occasionally a tiny bit of a disappointment... (continue reading)

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[This post is by my daughter, Michal Crum, and you can read the rest of it. There's lots more good stuff over at Warhorn Media.]

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