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The one who is taught the word is to share all good things with the one who teaches him. (Galatians 6:6)

Hey Baylyblog readers! Would you please help us publicize Daddy Tried? Also the posts you read here on Baylyblog?

The Apostle Paul says those who are taught should share all good things with those who teach them. The good thing I'd like to ask of you is your help reaching the church with the difficult things we write on Baylyblog. Also the books we publish.

The most recent one is a book teaching Christian fatherhood titled Daddy Tried. John Frame isn’t a flatterer and he says...


Tim Bayly's Daddy Tried is the best book on fathering currently in print. Bayly meticulously exegetes the biblical teachings about fathers (especially fathers in the home, but also the leaders of the church and civil governors). And he applies the biblical teachings with great clarity, frankness, and vividness. He is aware that Christian fathering is today in a terribly weak state, and he stands firmly against fashionable compromises with biblical principle. But he also emphasizes winsomely that adherence to biblical principle is another name for love. This is the book to give to our sons on the verge of becoming fathers. It will clear their heads and steel their spines.

- John Frame, Professor of Systematic Theology and Philosophy, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, Florida

Joel Belz wrote:

Well before I knew Tim Bayly, I knew his father, Joe Bayly. Indeed, in late 1980, I made a point of driving several hundred miles to ask Joe Bayly's counsel on a critical decision I was about to make. I still remember the wisdom he offered. So when I learned earlier this year that Tim Bayly was completing a book called Daddy Tried, I worried that Tim was being careless with the memory of a man whom I treasured. Tim Bayly has, after all, done radical things before! Now, however, I've read Tim's book, and I'm here to report: Tim has made me love God's word more than ever before. Tim has convicted me of carelessness and sin in my own life. And he has prompted me to treasure the memory of his father not less, but ever so much more.

- Joel Belz, Founder, World Magazine

Look, others have said similar things. It's a very helpful book for fathers. Have you bought it? Have you read it? Have you given a copy to your sons and daughters who are raising your grandchildren? Have you given a copy to your husband? Have you bought copies to give away to the men of your church? Do all the young fathers of the church know you want them to read it?

So would you please link to these posts or forward them through your social media? Would you please read Daddy Tried and get others to read it? And if you're able, would you please give Warhorn Media money to advertise Daddy Tried? We aren't the big boys. We have little money and I'm not paid royalties.

Thanks for helping, dear brothers and sisters.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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