The good father: your child has no sexual orientation...

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Last time, I wrote of the importance of your child's sex. At the moment of conception, God called your child to live his life obedient and faithful to whom God made him. Whom God made him was either man or woman. God has never given anyone a "sexual orientation." God did not make your son or daughter "gay." Everything else flows from God's decree of male and female assigned at the moment of conception.

If God decreed your child to be male, your son is to spend his life demonstrating his love and submission to the manhood out of which every part of his personhood has its origin. Today, we can't say it often enough: "from the beginning God made them male and female" (Matthew 19:4).

This is the truth placed in the womb of your wife before she had any clue she was...

pregnant. From the moment of conception, the child she carried was not a "human being" or "person." The child was not "gay" with a "homosexual orientation." The child was not knit together in his mother's womb "androgynous." God did not make him "metrosexual." He was not formed "gay." God made him either "man" or "woman," and every other part of his existence will testify to his faithfulness or rebellion against this distinction that forms the center of his personhood.

If your son chooses to live androgynous, metrosexual, or gay, those words will be a description of his repudiation of the sex God made him, and therefore his sin. Never in history has God made a man homosexual, effeminate, or gay. God is not the author of sin.

It's one of the most obvious proofs of how faithless Christians are today to watch Christian fathers and mothers raise their sons to be soft men and their daughters to be hard women. Yet our Lord Himself said, "from the beginning God made them male and female," going on to command, "what God hath joined together, let no man separate."

Soft men and hard women deny the sex God made them.

Consider body parts and it makes sense that the "malakoi" (lit. "soft men," "effeminate") of 1Cor. 6:9 will never enter the "kingdom of God." The soft man's "gay" gender identity is rebellion against the sex God made him. God creates every man to bear responsibility, thus fulfilling the calling his sex organ never stops bearing witness to.

Consider body parts and it makes sense that the "butch" or "hard women" of 1Cor. 6:91 will never enter the "kingdom of God." The lesbian's "gay" gender identity is rebellion against the sex God made her. God creates every woman to receive and nurture the life man wills to bear responsibility for, thus fulfilling the calling her sex organs never stop bearing witness to.

Man's hardness seeks responsibility and woman's softness receives man's hardness and brings it to fruition. She receives his thrust and gives birth to life.

For the man to refuse to be hard and the woman to refuse to be soft, whether in bed or in life, is to deny God's command given at the moment of conception when, from the beginning, He made them male and female. Thus it is that those who repudiate the sex God made them by copping a "gay" identity will never inherit the kingdom of God.

What's the lesson?

Don't worry about your child's "sexual orientation." Contrary to all the Christian talking heads who are changing their tune so they won't be kicked out of the conversation, there is no such thing as "sexual orientation," let alone "homosexual orientation." There is only sex assigned by God at the moment of conception. So, as a father of a son, it's your job to instruct him in the ways of the Lord by teaching him to live the sex God made him.

Command your son to bear responsibility so women will be safe as they receive and nurture life. Command him to be hard so woman is safe being soft.

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Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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