The first blast of the trumpet for the monstrous regiment of women...

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For the LORD humbled Judah because of Ahaz king of Israel, for he had brought about a lack of restraint in Judah and was very unfaithful to the LORD. (2 Chronicles 28:19)

After a slight protest by balloons refusing to fall, the Republican convention lurched to a halt, depositing The Donald stinking to high Heaven on the platform. Samuel Clemens described a train trip seated next to a woman who had not one unuttered thought on her brain. This is The Donald, and if he's elected, the train's left the station for four long years and no one's disembarking. Start sweating.

Think of a man entirely lacking inhibitions with The Button nearby. Imagine him getting into...

a match with the Russkies little macho dude:

Putin: "Your carrier sets foot in my Black Sea and I'll turn it into a tangled mass of melted metal!"

Donald: "Oh yeah? You touch my carrier and I'll rain so many nukes on your Black Sea there won't be no water left! I'll vaporize it!"

Putin: "Oh yeah? You so much as open a silo and I'll drop so many nukes on California the whole nasty place is gonna drop into the sea!"

Donald: "You know what? Go ahead and do it, you loser! You can have California. Meanwhile, I gotta country—a real country—to run. I'm tired of listening to you. I'm gonna put some special ops guys on a plane and send them over to waste you!"

Putin: "Oh yeah?"

Donald: "Yeah, you lousy drunken punkmeister!" 

Putin: "Oh yeah? Come on over here and say that!!" (Putin rips off shirt and starts spitting on video screen.)

Donald: "I'm on my way!!" (Donald zips off hair and starts engines on Air Force One.)

I've had to watch The Donald for more than twenty years now, and the thought of him leading anything other than a couple rotting casinos in Atlantic City scares me. It's not just our foreign relations; I'm also afraid of what he'll do to our national civil compact and the rule of law.

Blowhard bullies don't care about rules. Might makes right. So now, here we are between Rodham Clinton and Donald Trump. Speaking only for myself, I'm thinking about voting for Hillary. 


Because I think she has some inhibitions and will do less than The Donald to destroy the rule of law. 

It's true, the rule of law is on life-support what with our national orgy of sexual depravity and riot of babies' blood. And yet, honestly; does anyone really think The Donald cares about passing laws against sexual debauchery or the bloodshed of innocents?

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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