Every son's dream...

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Yesterday, our family got texted this pic of son Taylor cutting grass with his own son, Jackson. The caption was "suburban version of the farmer and son with pails."

Beautiful. Here's the section from Daddy Tried:

THERE’S A PICTURE I saw in the farmhouses of my first churches(a yoked parish of two congregations eight miles apart) in Wisconsin’s dairy land. Two farmers have finished chores and are walking from the barn to the house. Each is dressed in bib overalls, each wears the same cap, each has...


a similar contented look on his face, each strides with visible purpose. They’re the spitting image of each other. But one of the two is struggling to hold on to a large pail he’s carrying. He’s maybe four years old, so the pail dwarfs him... The work is too hard for him, but you should see his face. Also his father’s face. Father and son are sharing work and they’re so very proud of each other.

This is heavenly.

Growing up, Dad used to share his work with his children and those were the happiest times in our home. He was a speaker and writer, so when he worked on a book or article or prepared a message, he’d tell us to come on over by his chair and listen to what he’d written so far...



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