The Enemy Within...

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Sexual abuse is an epidemic in modern America, and our churches are no exception. This is why you are invited to Clearnote Fellowship’s conference, The Enemy Within: A Conference on Sexual Abuse in the Church, February 17-19, 2016...

 This conference is designed to help church leaders, pastors, and parents deal with an enemy that has crept into our churches and homes. Anyone who desires to help their church improve how they deal with sexual abuse is welcome. From the pastor who desires to protect his congregation to the mom and dad who just want to be vigilant in protecting their children.

These issues are challenging, requiring prayer and counsel, but they can be navigated to a God-honoring outcome. Teaching will include prevention, discovery, intervention and legal obligations as well as restoration and care of both the victims and the perpetrators. Expect open and direct presentations supported and woven together with fellowship, food and joyful praise and worship.

Please join us. Invite your friends and church leaders. We are here to support you and we appreciate your prayerful support of this ministry.

To God be the glory.