Unpatriotic Christians in China and the U.S...

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Believers in China are divided by whether they are a part of a so-called "patriotic" church or not. And if not, we can suppose their churches are thought to be unpatriotic and are persecuted.

Sure enough, China's President Xi Jinping and his Communist Party have announced a crackdown on Christian churches. Those followers of Christ and their churches who associate with foreigners and don't declare their loyalty to communist socialism may expect the state to punish them. About 1,000 people were arrested for their defense of human rights last year, many of whom are Christians. Breitbart reports:

In late August, police arrested China’s most prominent Christian lawyer, Zhang Kai, who defended and gave legal counsel to a number of Christian churches throughout the country, especially against the government’s cross-removal campaign. When Zhang’s father approached the authorities in early October to request information on his son’s detention, he was told that Zhang is a “threat to national security” and that his whereabouts are a state secret...

[President] Xi declared that all religions must adapt to socialist policy, calling this “a common principle for all religions to comply with... The Chinese government has set up internal “patriotic associations” for all five recognized religions—Buddhism, Catholicism, Daoism, Islam, and Protestantism—in an effort to keep control over religion within China.

China's socialism is America's egalitarianism. Both nations have their national demons they worship and both nation's demons demand their children for their sacrificial rites...

Call them both "Molech" and place the babies in their mouths to be burned. In America, the toll thus far is likely far above 100 million while China is more than a billion.1 Too, our demon-god now requires "marriage equality" for homosexuals, and the taming of Christian witness against this abomination as a "threat to national security."

There have not been 1,000 Christians imprisoned for their witness this past year in our nation, it is true. But the state gagging God and His prophets?

Most definitely, and we know worse is around the corner. Let us pray for the faithfulness of our sisters and brothers in Christ under persecution in China. Let us also pray that God will raise up men and women in these United States to prophesy against our own egalitarian patriotism and the mass slaughter of our homeland's sacrificial rites.

  • 1. A conservative estimate. China says their abortion stats are upwards of 300 million, but this doesn't include abortions from the nation's IUD program, or other forms of chemcial abortion. For much the same reason, the estimate of 100 million abortions in these United States is quite conservative.
Tim Bayly

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