NEWS FLASH: Ranger female grads were "absolutely physical studs!"

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Behold, your people are women in your midst! The gates of your land are opened wide to your enemies; Fire consumes your gate bars.  - Nahum 3:13

I knew a pastor whose main method of the sort of self-abnegation that characterizes hipster-pastors who prefer "brokenness" to "sin" was telling the congregation how he was a jerk of a husband. He'd say this all the time during his sermons, but he'd never really 'fess up to anything major. It was stuff like he wasn't sensitive enough. He was selfish. He didn't give her enough backrubs and sometimes he didn't get up at night to bring the baby to her to be nursed. This was how he publicly processed his own brokenness, especially during his sermons. He'd try to get us to see and join him in admitting we were all broken, just as he was; and therefore, we all needed Jesus, just like he did. For stuff like being insensitive to our wives and not going and getting the baby so she can stay in bed to nurse him.

When I stand before the judgment seat of God, serious as it surely is, I suspect I will have much more to answer for and to plead my Lord's righteousness as a covering for than not giving my wife backrubs. Too, I don't think the female sex—women and wives—are the only people we sin against. This man, though, only ever talked about sinning against his wife. My take was that she was a master at her critical work of building up her own self-esteem. She did a good job of keeping her husband impressed with her excellence and did so by continuously pointing out his insensitivity, selfishness, all-round brutishness and churlishness. Of course, this man wasn't particularly insensitive, really. And he was anything but a brute or churlish. He simply knew what his wife wanted him to cop to during morning worship and he did it over and over again.

This pastor is an example of the way brash women manipulate men into passivity and weakness...

What man wants to fight with a woman? The lady wants to intimidate you? Best you? Squeeze the snot out of your hand when she shakes it? Make fun of you in front of the children? Give you orders in the church foyer? Walk ahead of you and open her own door? Shove the men aside and carry the heaviest load herself? Put her own carry-on in the overhead bin? Answer all the questions in the couples Sunday school class or home fellowship group?

The modern man knows what's expected of him, so he lets her. Win, that is. The little lady must always always win. There's no modesty for her to learn. No Order of Creation to confess. No deference to pay the male sex. No unseemliness to avoid. No dependence to be tolerated. No weakness to be celebrated. No living with her in an understanding way needed, thank you very much! She is woman, hear her roar; in numbers too big to ignore.

Then she complains that her son plays video games all the time. Is she an idiot? And her husband complains that he can't figure out why his son has no initiative. Is he an idiot?

These are my thoughts watching the giggling excitement of the feminists and their compliant generals announcing to the world that, not only did two (yes, you read that right—TWO!) women complete Ranger's School, but the men who went through it with them tell us the women were better than they were.

Reminds me of Samuel Johnson's dismissal of women preachers saying the wonder isn't that they do it well, but like a dog walking on hind legs, that they do it at all.

Yes yes, America: two women passed Rangers School. Yes yes, America: the women in Rangers School were superior to the men. Yes yes, America: soon there will be hundreds of women completing Rangers School. Yes yes, America: there are more women than men in seminary, now. Yes yes, America: women preachers do it better than men. One of the men who went through Rangers School with the two female graduates paid them his ultimate compliment: the women were "absolutely physical studs."

Yes yes, America: in time, men will be giving birth while their strong ugly wives count the minutes between contractions and hold their husband's hand. And a month later, Mr. Mom will be off in the break room pumping.

It's all so wonderful!

By the way, the Church in her worship has repudiated the Holy Spirit's commands concerning feminine hair length. That alone could have been a show-stopper keeping our daughters from pursuing excellence in Rangers School.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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