You will remember the past twenty-four hours the rest of your life...

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You will remember the last twenty-four hours the rest of your life. CNN ran the headline at the top of the Google News page, "The week that changed the nation," and the article began...

The times, they are a changing, suddenly at whiplash speed.

After a momentous week, same-sex couples can now marry in all 50 states, the Confederate flag's historic hold on the political institutions of the Deep South is fraying by the hour and Obamacare, after defying another attempt to dismantle it, is now reaffirmed as the law of the land.

And as a capstone to these seismic events, the first black president of the United States spent Friday afternoon signing (sic) "Amazing Grace" on live television from the pulpit of an African American church.

Political and social conventions on civil rights and race relations that for decades have seemed immovable are being swept away in a cascade of grass-roots change. 

Grass-roots change my foot. But this is the way of the chattering classes, hounding and smearing and wheedling and cajoling until they get their way, then acting as if they are simply the objective chroniclers of history.

So which was it—the Supreme Court making the decision to rewrite the wording of the Affordable Care Act, or grass-roots change? Which was it—the Supreme Court refusing to allow the individual states of our nation to forbid sodomite marriage, or grass-roots change?

President Obama singing "Amazing Grace" indeed. Hypocrisy.

May God raise up a king like David who will rule us in justice and the righteousness that exalts a nation.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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