Where is Governor Pence's Universal School Choice law...

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Here's a National Review piece on Nevada's new Universal School Choice law just signed this week by Governor Brian Sandoval. This is our nation's first real strike against the universal monopoly over the education of our children the National Education Association has had through each state's public school system.

Why hasn't Governor Pence seeded to our Indiana legislature a similar act of simple justice? Why should Christians have to pay for the education of our children twice—first when we pay our real estate taxes, income taxes, and even sales taxes; then second, when we pay the tuition for the private schools we start and run in order to keep our children out of the hands of the products of Indiana University's School of Education (widely referred to here in Bloomington as the "School of Propaganda").

Here's an excerpt from NRO describing Nevada's new law...

As of next year, parents in Nevada can have 90 percent (100 percent for children with special needs and children from low-income families) of the funds that would have been spent on their child in their public school deposited into a restricted-use spending account. ...Those funds are deposited quarterly onto a debit card, which parents can use to pay for a variety of education-related services and products — things such as private-school tuition, online learning, special-education services and therapies, books, tutors, and dual-enrollment college courses. It’s an à la carte education, and the menu of options will be as hearty as the supply-side response — which, as it is whenever markets replace monopolies, is likely to be robust. Notably, families can roll over unused funds from year to year, a feature that makes this approach particularly attractive. It is the only choice model to date that puts downward pressure on prices. Parents consider not only the quality of education service they receive, but the cost, since they can save unused funds for future education expenses.

Tim Bayly

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