Early-bird ends Sunday: What is an evangelical?

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In modern American culture, everyone is an evangelical and no one is an evangelical. Once the word was a signal of a living faith in God and His Word. But now it’s more likely to be used as a buzzword for certain styles of worship. Or as a pejorative. Or as a label to cover all kinds of wickedness and heresy. Really, the word can mean so many things nowadays that it hardly means anything at all...

How did this happen? When did this word that used to mean so many good things come to mean something vague, at best, and at worst something evil? More importantly, what should we do about it?

This summer, July 10-11, Clearnote Fellowship will be holding her annual summer conference titled What Is an Evangelical? The conference will work to restore Biblical and doctrinal meaning to our confession of evangelical Christianity. 

Register by Sunday, April 26th, to take advantage of early-bird pricing. And watch this video Evangelical the Musical, a short film we made to get you all excited about the conference.

To learn more about the conference or to register click here.