The absent father who lives at home...

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From the same NAS interview of Tom Wolfe linked above:

Frank Pittman, a psychiatrist, reviewed two movies that came out about the same time for Psychology Today. One was Dead Poets Society and the other was Field of Dreams. Both are about sons who are severely hurt by their fathers. Both are beautifully made…wonderful acting, wonderful writing. Dead Poets Society’s plot turns on a domineering father who thinks that his son’s involvement with the school’s theater group is effeminate. The boy ends up committing suicide. But in Field of Dreams it’s a boy pining for some connection, any at all, with his father. Just throwing a baseball back and forth would do.

Pittman concludes that Field of Dreams is far more true to contemporary life. “The problem children have in this country today is not the domineering father. The problem is the absent father who lives at home.”

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