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Dominic Aquila used to be on the side of the angels in the battles for the Biblical commitments of the PCA. Sadly, the past few years he has given up the fight and turned his Aquila Report over to a young woman who is working on a book opposing father-rule. Her name is Rachel Miller and she's quite typical of the sort of woman who claims to speak for women as she opposes God's Creation Order of patriarchy (lit. "father-rule"). Mrs. Miller explains her world-view:

I believe patriarchy to be emotionally abusive because it creates an antagonistic relationship between husbands and wives, men and women.

"Patriarchy [is] emotionally abusive?" Does she mean the rule of God the Father over all His creation—that Father-Rule? Does she oppose the rule of Adam, our federal head? The rule of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? Think of the hubris of a woman who...

relegates the universal practice of father-rule across all history to simple emotional abuse and antagonism in the relations of men and women! For this reason I regularly say that we must expose the chronological snobbery that claims feminists have finally helped husbands love their wives, fathers their daughters, and sons their mothers. The truth is, we love our wives, daughters, and mothers less than any previous generation because we care more about escaping the wrath of angry feminists like Mrs. Miller than protecting and providing for—which is to say loving—those God has made us responsible for.

Patriarchy is God's created order and man and woman can no more escape it than we can escape heterosexuality or gravity. The word 'patriarchy' is a compound of two Greek words meaning simply "father" and "rule." So "patriarchy" simply means "father-rule," which has always been the foundation of human civilization.

Adam was created first, then Eve. And it was when Adam sinned that mankind fell—not when Eve sinned, although she sinned first. 

God has placed his Fatherhood on man, not woman. God established the first man as the head of the race and it was Adam's Fall that caused every man and woman to inherit Original Sin. For these and many other Biblical reasons, every Christian across two-thousand years of church history preached and taught and lived out patriarchy.

If Mrs. Miller wants to change the definition of patriarchy so that, rather than being God's Fatherhood writ large across His creation, it is smeared as the cause of antagonistic relationships between husbands and wives, men and women; so that it is defined as emotional abuse; then let Dominic Aquila see the sort of woman he's placed in authority over his blog.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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