An enemy of the people...

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(Nikada ne treba oblačiti svoje najbolje odelo kad čovek ide da se bori za slobodu i istinu. - Henrik Ibsen, An Enemy of the People

Got an e-mail the other day from a friend who had been told I had once written here that women shouldn't play softball because it's a hotbed of lesbianism. Wrote back to tell him I'd never said it. Fact is I can't imagine a better place to call non-Christians to faith in Jesus Christ than women's softball leagues. Seriously. Sign up now for the Summer 2015 leagues!

It reminded me of the PCA pastor in Indy who warned a friend of mine recently to stay away from Clearnote churches because Tim Bayly is a "misogynist." I'm guessing this conscientious man said it because I wrote a blog post about how women shouldn't play softball because it's a hotbed of lesbianism. But again, I never said it and actually think the opposite. Last year we had a godly young woman in our congregation who played women's basketball at IU. She was a starter and we were very proud of her witness. And did you know that women's basketball is almost certainly as lesbian-centric as women's softball?

Then again, maybe this PCA pastor concluded I'm a misogynist because I've publicly rebuked Tim Keller for violating the PCA's Constitution and Scripture by having women officers who exercise authority over men? PCA pastors are incredibly sensitive to any criticism of Tim Keller...

You'll understand, then, that I've thought twice about posting this article explaining the reasons it's a bad idea for women to serve in combat positions in our armed forces. Will the RP pastors pile on? Then will it spread to the ARPs and the URCs?

If your goal in life is to avoid being called a misogynist by Reformed pastors, don't read on because you'll learn things that add to your knowledge of the meaning and purpose of God's Order of Creation. I must be honest: after twenty years in the PCA, including several years of service on a study committee of General Assembly, it's my observation that you can't say anything Scripture says about manhood and womanhood without running the risk of joining the ranks of those smeared as "misogynists" by pastors whose wives made them say it.

So then, if you choose to proceed, you've been warned: 

For over two decades, I have been arguing against the idea of placing American women in combat or in support positions associated with direct ground combat. I base my position on three factors. First, there are substantial physical differences between men and women that place the latter at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to ground combat. Second, men treat women differently than they treat other men. This can undermine the comradeship upon which the unit cohesion necessary to success on the battlefield depends. Finally, the presence of women leads to double standards that seriously erode morale and performance. In other words, men and women are not interchangeable... (to continue reading)

(Thanks, Jeff.)

Tim Bayly

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